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Visitors served monthly -
Globally : 65 Million unique visitors
US : 15 Million unique visitors
Canada : 12 Million unique visitors
Italy : 7 Million unique visitors
France : 5 Million unique visitors
Germany : 5 Million unique visitors
UK : 2 Million unique visitors
Global Unique Visitors
Reach Global audience for your web promotions.
10,000 direct visitors = $40
Targeted Unique Visitors
Reach IP focused Web site traffic, Promote you web site in selected countries and cities.
10,000 direct visitors = $5 per 1000
Popunder Traffic
Direct Website Traffic is an aggressive way to market your website on internet, Popup Advertising on top of it provides you a way to push market your products on internet, After Popups comes popunder advertising methods which are less annoying to users since they appear underneath the current browsers. Even though annoying Direct Traffic is still one of the best and highly reliable technique for Internet marketing and sales generation.

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