Remnant Popunder Traffic Inventory

Remnant popunder traffic inventory refers to the remaining space that is available with the publisher and can be bought by the advertiser. Remnant inventory exists in all media like TV, radio, print and internet. It basically refers to the spaces that is unsold and is available to the advertisers at a lower price. The advertisers with a low advertising budget can invest in this remnant popunder traffic inventory only and can bid for it and buy the space easily. These spaces are not as prominent and therefore the ads are referred to as non-premium advertisement as well.

The remnant popunder traffic inventory may not bring in as much traffic as premium ads but can still improve the same. It is great option for the people with a limited advertising budget and can help them to reach out to the target clients. If you want to get better popunder traffic even through remnant inventory then you can contact a good online media company. They can make your ad attractive so that it is noticed by all and enjoys a good click through rate. The media company can use banner ads, video ads and other things that can make the ad noticeable and help you attract more popunder traffic