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PPV – Pay per view traffic

PPV or Pay per view traffic is a good way by which the advertisers are able to get instant traffic at their website and promote it better. It helps them to bring in traffic which is interested in their products and services. In this kind of advertisement the advertiser needs to pay only when his ad is viewed by the target consumers. It helps you to get target consumers and bring in unique traffic to your website and this therefore considered to be highly efficient. The relevant keywords are used in the banner ads that are used in pay per view traffic module. The ad appears once to the unique visitor and is displayed to him once only. So this refers to payment the advertiser makes for the single view and also called as the cost per single impression. It is not associated with click through rate and is still considered to be effective in bringing in good traffic to your site. You can buy the pay per view traffic through a good online media company that can help you get the relevant traffic easily. They would place your Pay per view banner ads or popunder ads on the relevant website which can help you to get good traffic at your website easily

PPI – pay per impression traffic

PPI or the Pay per Impression model used in online advertising is more commonly known as the Cost per mille or thousand impressions. Many of the website tries to get the pay per impression traffic at their website to promote it better and reach out to the target consumers. in CPM, the advertisers determines the cost of every thousand impression by estimating the click through rate but in PPI it is the fixed amount that the advertiser needs to pay to the publishing network irrespective of the click through rate.

In order to get Pay per impression traffic the advertiser needs to invest in banner ads, popunder ads, popup ads and other kind of display media ad. In this kind of campaign the advertiser pays for fixed amount for ever 1000 impression of the ad. He needs to pay irrespective of the click rate he gets on those ads. In order to get good PPI traffic the advertisers can buy the traffic through a good online media company that can provide him the same. They can design the PPI campaign and can publish the ads on the good ad network so that the website is able to draw good traffic through those ads

Is remnant Popunder Traffic inventory good?

Remnant popunder traffic inventory refers to the advertsising space that is left with the publisher and is unsold. This space is often sold at a lower price and can be good for advertisers who can buy it at a lower price and use it to advertise and promote their website. The remnant popunder traffic inventory is considered to be a good option for advertisers with limited budget. They can bid and buy the space so that they may be able to promote their website and get traffic at it.

This inventory may not bring in as much traffic as the top most spaces but can still be of some use. So if you have a limited advertising budget then you can buy the remnant popunder traffic and get better traffic and can promote your site. This inventory is not only prominent in online advertising but in other Medias as well where the advertisers buy the remaining space to promote or advertise their brand at a lower price. To get good remnant popunder traffic you can contact an online media company who can help you buy good spaces and can design good ads as well. It may not bring in high traffic but can still improve it

Popunder Traffic vs Interstitials ads

Website owners have the convenience to choose from different kinds of online ads and use them to promote their website. The most popular methods used by the advertisers include popunder traffic and interstitials ads traffic. They both are popular but are different than each other. In popunders, the traffic is diverted to the advertiser’s website through popunder ads. This refers to the advertisement that appears beneath the publisher’s webpage and is visible when the target client closes the window. On the contrary, Interstitial means in between. Interstitial ads are the one that appear between the web pages. They open up right before the requested webpage opens.

Both the ads can help you to divert traffic at your site and enjoy a good click through rate. The ads should however be attractive so that the target consumer would want to know more about your site and clicks on it. You can use videos, graphics, animation and other things to make the ad more appealing. If you are unsure about the kind of ad you should use to get more traffic at your website then you can contact a good online media company. They can help you decide and can design the ad so that it is attractive and catches the target consumer’s attention

Remnant Popunder Traffic Inventory

Remnant popunder traffic inventory refers to the remaining space that is available with the publisher and can be bought by the advertiser. Remnant inventory exists in all media like TV, radio, print and internet. It basically refers to the spaces that is unsold and is available to the advertisers at a lower price. The advertisers with a low advertising budget can invest in this remnant popunder traffic inventory only and can bid for it and buy the space easily. These spaces are not as prominent and therefore the ads are referred to as non-premium advertisement as well.

The remnant popunder traffic inventory may not bring in as much traffic as premium ads but can still improve the same. It is great option for the people with a limited advertising budget and can help them to reach out to the target clients. If you want to get better popunder traffic even through remnant inventory then you can contact a good online media company. They can make your ad attractive so that it is noticed by all and enjoys a good click through rate. The media company can use banner ads, video ads and other things that can make the ad noticeable and help you attract more popunder traffic

Web traffic tracking

Popunder ads can help you to get good web traffic at your website and you can also use other means to get better web traffic at your website. But apart from investing in good services web traffic tracking is also equally important. It helps you to monitor the kind of traffic you are receiving and allows you to check the source or ad campaign that has been most effective in diverting the traffic to your website. This helps you to choose the right marketing technique for your site and enables you to get good quality web traffic easily. web traffic tracking enables you to know if you should invest in contextual ads or buy non contextual popunder traffic. You can initially employ both the technique and then use Google analytics to see if the campaign is effective or not. One can also buy tracking software that also helps with the monitoring function.

The best way to get the right ad campaign is by buying good popunder traffic through online media companies. They can help you to choose the right campaign that can bring in good traffic at your website and would also help you to know if it has been effective or not .