PPV – Pay per view traffic

PPV or Pay per view traffic is a good way by which the advertisers are able to get instant traffic at their website and promote it better. It helps them to bring in traffic which is interested in their products and services. In this kind of advertisement the advertiser needs to pay only when his ad is viewed by the target consumers. It helps you to get target consumers and bring in unique traffic to your website and this therefore considered to be highly efficient. The relevant keywords are used in the banner ads that are used in pay per view traffic module. The ad appears once to the unique visitor and is displayed to him once only. So this refers to payment the advertiser makes for the single view and also called as the cost per single impression. It is not associated with click through rate and is still considered to be effective in bringing in good traffic to your site. You can buy the pay per view traffic through a good online media company that can help you get the relevant traffic easily. They would place your Pay per view banner ads or popunder ads on the relevant website which can help you to get good traffic at your website easily