Popunder Traffic vs Interstitials ads

Website owners have the convenience to choose from different kinds of online ads and use them to promote their website. The most popular methods used by the advertisers include popunder traffic and interstitials ads traffic. They both are popular but are different than each other. In popunders, the traffic is diverted to the advertiser’s website through popunder ads. This refers to the advertisement that appears beneath the publisher’s webpage and is visible when the target client closes the window. On the contrary, Interstitial means in between. Interstitial ads are the one that appear between the web pages. They open up right before the requested webpage opens.

Both the ads can help you to divert traffic at your site and enjoy a good click through rate. The ads should however be attractive so that the target consumer would want to know more about your site and clicks on it. You can use videos, graphics, animation and other things to make the ad more appealing. If you are unsure about the kind of ad you should use to get more traffic at your website then you can contact a good online media company. They can help you decide and can design the ad so that it is attractive and catches the target consumer’s attention