Is remnant Popunder Traffic inventory good?

Remnant popunder traffic inventory refers to the advertsising space that is left with the publisher and is unsold. This space is often sold at a lower price and can be good for advertisers who can buy it at a lower price and use it to advertise and promote their website. The remnant popunder traffic inventory is considered to be a good option for advertisers with limited budget. They can bid and buy the space so that they may be able to promote their website and get traffic at it.

This inventory may not bring in as much traffic as the top most spaces but can still be of some use. So if you have a limited advertising budget then you can buy the remnant popunder traffic and get better traffic and can promote your site. This inventory is not only prominent in online advertising but in other Medias as well where the advertisers buy the remaining space to promote or advertise their brand at a lower price. To get good remnant popunder traffic you can contact an online media company who can help you buy good spaces and can design good ads as well. It may not bring in high traffic but can still improve it