Full Page Popunder Traffic

More websites are now buying Full page popunder traffic as it is considered to be more effective and has a good click through rate. In this kind of ad campaign, instead of a small popunder ad window, a full page ad window is designed for promoting your website. It is published on other relevant website and when people visit the publisher’s website then it opens beneath the main window. When the visitor closes the main window then he notices the full page ad and would get to know about your website.

The popunder ads are display ads and it is therefore important that you make it more attractive. Such ads are noticed by people and if the full page ad is designed well then they may be intrigued to know more about the products and services that are offered by you. In popunder ads you can use graphics, video and other things to make the ad more attractive. If you want quality popunder traffic where you reach out to target consumers then you can buy contextual full page popunder traffic. It is considered to be cost efficient and helps you to reach out to people who can affect the sales and profits of your company directly