Types of Internet Advertising

Advertisers can use online advertising to promote their business and have different kinds of internet advertising tools to choose from. They can choose them on the basis of the target consumers, method or pricing. For instance, you can choose direct marketing where you reach out to consumers directly or use affiliate marketing where you can use another website to reach out to them. If your ad campaign is dependent on pricing then you can choose between CPM which is impression based advertising, CPC that is based on click through or choose CPA which is dependent on the target consumer’s action.

Some of the common internet advertising tools that are preferred by the online advertisers include banner ads, popunder ads, popup ads, video ads, etc. These are categorized under affiliate marketing where your ad link appears on a publisher’s website. They are considered to be very effective as they use graphics and colorful text that catches the target consumer’s attention. For direct marketing you can choose email marketing which is like tele marketing where you send an email to the consumers directly to inform them about your products and services. The online media companies can help you to decide the right ad tool for promoting your brand